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Ret. USMC Col. Jeff Cooper


In 1989, retired USMC Colonel Jeff Cooper introduced a color-coding system to describe the efficiency of various states of mind during combat.

Since then, countless military and law enforcement professionals have adapted his system to teach others to better recognize danger and respond efficiently to critical situations.

Condition Yellow is defined as "a state of calm alertness and awareness," and considered the most optimal mental state.

When combined with proper training and education, Condition Yellow ensures an individual the highest chances of survival.

The Updated "Situational Awareness" Color Guide to Combat and Threat Response

Condition White:

Completely relaxed, zero awareness. The most vulnerable state you can be stuck in. This is when you're most likely to be victimized.

Condition Yellow:

A state of calm alert and focus, although not directed at anything at particular. Increases your perception for potential danger and allows faster reaction.

The most optimal state of efficiency, most people can be trained to remain in this condition for long periods of time without undue physiological or psychological strain due to relatively low mental resource requirements.

Condition Orange:

A specific threat has been identified and danger is imminent. Counter-actions are being evaluated and a narrowed decision loop is now in play. 

Condition Red:

Dangerous conditions are now in place. Actions are being executed. Fine-motor skills and peripheral vision are diminished in favor of increased strength and speed.

Condition Black:

It's life or death. All cognitive functions are completely shut down. Instinct, muscle-memory and training take over completely. The ability to form complex thoughts is lost and fine-motor skills are non-existent.

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