Leftist Vox Attempts to Downplay the Dangers of Antifa Terror

Leftist Vox Attempts to Downplay the Dangers of Antifa Terror

Since their recent emergence at college campuses and cities around the nation, Antifa has made their position clear: violence is an acceptable response to political dissent. Step out of line, disagree, dare to think a different opinion and you become a target for attack.

Of course, leftists love the convenience of Antifa -- it's an organization that can easily be disavowed when convenient, but is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to suppress political opposition and scare critics into silence.

Earlier today, leftist media outlet Vox released a new piece defending the terror group, called "Don't fall for the antifa trap." Besides claiming that Antifa is "not causing that much havoc," the piece egregiously claims that a number of outside factors are responsible for the supposed improper portrayal of Antifa as the threat to free speech that they are:

The video opens up by describing Antifa as "a group that shows up at protests to confront neo-Nazis and white supremacists." Right, that would explain their presence at Jewish-white-supremacist Ben Shapiro's speech at UC Berkeley.

The claim is made that the group "occasionally" engages in violence, but virtually every bit of footage featured in the 7-minute-long clip is of Antifa engaging in violence.

Statistics are flashed in an attempt to 'prove' that Antifa isn't really that big a deal because out of a huge number of protesters, very few injuries or arrests occur, citing Boston and Portland as examples. Well... yeah -- Antifa thugs only attack people they disagree with, and those in disagreement are generally in the minority.

A rhetorical question is posed: "Antifa looks scary, but they make up a tiny part of the protests they show up at. So why have they become such a powerful boogeyman in protest coverage?"

The answer is simple: Antifa is the most prominent and active group advocating the use of violence in response to speech.

Hilariously, the concept of 'outlier bias' is introduced as the cause of the media's focus on them. The claim seems to imply that if we just ignored Antifa, they wouldn't be such a big problem. This is asinine -- they need to be the focus because big or small, they pose a threat to free speech, the most valuable American right there is.

The video makes no attempt to refute the fact that Antifa does use violence to achieve their means. Instead, it attempts to downplay it, calling such acts 'outliers.' It presents zero evidence of Antifa behaving peacefully, likely because there isn't any -- when the majority of a group supports violent tactics, anyone that doesn't support it becomes the outlier. Lumping in Antifa with peaceful protesters is akin to saying milk is an outlying form of orange juice because they're both liquids.

Amazingly, the video claims that the media portrayal of Antifa can "build public support for aggressive police crackdowns" as if it's a bad thing. You mean when masked thugs take to the streets to commit crimes, the public support the police stopping them? Say it ain't so!

Overall, the piece attempts to portray Antifa as a small, unorganized group that should be ignored in favor of the peaceful majority. In reality, they are growing, they are training, they are funded and they are dangerous.

The accompanying article states:

Significant media attention has been paid to the problem of “violent antifa” — black-clad activists who show up at white supremacist and neo-Nazi rallies, occasionally using violence to disrupt racist gatherings and force them out of public spaces. Fox News panics about the menace of “leftist antifa thugs,” local news networks worry about the prospect of invading anarchists, and think piece after think piece warns that antifa’s tactics are going too far.

But so far, violent antifa have made up a remarkably tiny part of the protests they show up at. They may look scary, but much of the hype around them is a product of sensationalized media coverage.

That’s because news cameras are incentivized to focus on the most extreme and badly behaved members of any protest. Whether it’s Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, or the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, media coverage is often drawn to sensational images of violence and property damage, even if those images only reflect the actions of a small number of protesters. That type of coverage creates an outlier bias, where small groups of radical protesters end up dominating coverage of protest movements as a whole.

The result is that protest movements are put in a kind of unwinnable situation: Viewers at home end up thinking most protesters are violent or dangerous, and protest leaders are forced into endless debates about tactics, rather than the issue they were protesting in the first place.

Wrong, Vox. Viewers don't, nor should they think "most protesters" are violent or dangerous. Just the Antifa terrorists, because their mission is violence. That is why the focus is on them, why it will, and should stay on them so long as they exist. Anything short of complete exposure invites the death of our First Amendment rights.

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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