Liberals Double Down On Gillespie Attacks — Who Are They Defending?

Liberals Double Down On Gillespie Attacks — Who Are They Defending?

Yesterday, we showed you the latest Democratic smear ad campaign designed to paint VA gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie as a racist (and all non-Democrats at large as murderous heathens). Ever committed to their false narratives, leftists are doubling down on their claims.

ThinkProgress, a far-left media outlet known for running slam pieces without any sort of verification, released a new piece today attacking Gillespie — because he actually wants to do something about the rampant gang problems Virginia faces.

From the article:

Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for Virginia governor, is running a racist campaign — but he’s very upset that anyone would stoop so low as to call him out for his racism. The candidate, who built much of his campaign around racial stereotyping against Latinos, is now outraged that his opponents would invoke racial stereotypes about white Republicans.

A central theme of Gillespie’s campaign is that, if you vote for Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, Gillespie’s Democratic opponent, scary brown people with tattoos may kill you. He’s run a number of ads on this theme. They aren’t subtle.

Well if gangs are allowed to run rampant, there's a very good chance that death and destruction will follow in their wake.

How exactly do gangs like MS-13 get their recruits? The answer is simple: through illegal immigration.

While data is spotty largely thanks to Democratic suppression efforts, we know that a full 30% of border children have gang ties and 92% of MS-13 members arrested are in the country illegally. If this is the case, naturally the 'safest' place for these gang members is in areas where they can operate without fear of deportation — hence, the Sanctuary States.

To the extent that these ads have any substantive content whatsoever, they claim that Northam increased “the threat of MS-13,” a Salvadoran street gang, by blocking a ban on so-called “sanctuary cities” in Virginia. Though the state has some sanctuary protections, there are no official sanctuary cities in Virginia, so a ban would have done nothing to increase or decrease the threat of MS-13.

Gillespie appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to condemn a rival ad run by a group called the Latino Victory Project.

Like Gillespie’s MS-13 ads — which play off of exaggerated stereotypes of a tattooed, violent Latino gang member — Latino Victory Project’s ad also plays off an exaggerated stereotype. It depicts a white, Confederate flag-waving, pickup truck-driving, Tea Party license plate-displaying Gillespie supporter menacing children of color in a scene that could have been lifted from the horror film Get Out.

ThinkProgress somehow manages to accuse Gillespie of using "exaggerated stereotypes" just after an attack ad represented non-Democrats as homicidal owners of trucks adorned with Confederate flags and Don't Tread On Me signs. Tell you what, lefties, you show us an actual Republican that drives around in their truck looking for black and brown children to murder — in the meantime, here's what MS-13 members look like:

But sure, we'll go with the stereotype line — it's not like the New Jersey Attorney General singles out MS-13 members as "heavily tattooed." For the record, out of the Bloods, Latin Kings and Crips, only MS-13 has that distinction. So if Gillespie is 'stereotyping,' he's most certainly correct.

Gillespie spent the bulk of his Tuesday morning appearance expressing outrage that Latino Victory Project could be so vulgar as to bring stereotyping or racial fears into a political ad. “This ad is not just an attack on my supporters,” said the man who believes that his supporters are so easily influenced by racist imagery that he’s made those images a centerpiece of his campaign. “It’s an attack on all Virginians.”

“In Virginia, we respect civil discourse,” added the Republican gubernatorial candidate, who juxtaposed his opponent’s face with a warning that Latino men want to “Kill. Rape. Control.”

No, not "Latino men." Just the ones in MS-13. They're in Virginia. And they're growing.

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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