Mass Shooter Demonstrates the Insanity of California Policies

Mass Shooter Demonstrates the Insanity of California Policies

Another tragedy in the once-golden state of California, as a deranged killer embarked on a shooting rampage that left five people dead and ten injured, including a child. The families of the victims can thank their political leaders for lenient policies that enabled evil men like Kevin Neal to kill with little resistance.

From CNN:

The gunman who went on a rampage in Northern California was a “deranged, paranoid killer” who was out on bail after assaulting two neighbors this year, authorities say.

Kevin Neal, who was killed Tuesday by police after killing five people and injuring 10 others, was arrested in January following a confrontation with two of his neighbors, according to court documents obtained by CNN.

Neal confronted two of his female neighbors on January 31, according to Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen, before he fired a gun at both women and then stabbed one of them. Neal then held the women hostage “for a period of time,” Cohen said Wednesday.

He was arrested and jailed in Tehama County, but Neal made a $160,000 bail and was freed, allowing him to return home. But he continued to harass the neighbors he’d been accused of assaulting.

Cohen said the women were concerned when he came back, and they received a protective order against Neal in February that prohibited him from having any contact with either of them.

California voters are conditioned to have faith in a broken justice system, to trust that a piece of paper handed down by a court will protect them. How well does it work out?

As part of the protective order, Neal was ordered to surrender his firearms to authorities and was not allowed to purchase additional weapons, though Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said at a press conference Wednesday he didn’t know whether Neal had surrendered the weapons.

But authorities have said that Neal illegally manufactured the guns that he used during the Tuesday morning shooting. According to Johnston, handguns recovered by police were not registered to Neal.

Johnston said Neal “was not law enforcement friendly.” Authorities had responded to his house several times when neighbors complained of shots being fired from the property.

Neal’s sister, Sheridan Orr, told CNN’s Sara Sidner that her brother had struggled with mental health issues for years. Her mother saw a noticeable decline in his mental health about a year ago, Orr said, and the family had tried to get him help.

A police force (handicapped by political correctness) in a state that treats $17 billion worth of mental health spending as a joke makes for the perfect storm.

Police believe Neal killed his wife late Monday night on the eve of the shooting rampage, hiding her body under a floor in his home.

Later that morning, Neal shot and killed one of the women who had the protective order against him before stealing a pickup truck and firing on random homes and motorists.

Neal came upon Rancho Tehama Elementary School, where he crashed the truck through a locked gate and opened fire on the building, terrified teachers and their pupils still inside.

”The only sounds I could hear were the shots,” said Jennifer Bauman, a teacher at the school. “It was horrifying ... there are certain parts that I’m still not ready to talk about.”

Neal attempted to enter the school, but school staff heard gunfire as Neal approached and put the school on lockdown, hurrying students inside and locking the doors.

He left after six minutes, Johnston said, apparently frustrated he couldn’t get inside. One boy was injured from gunfire.

Neal continued his rampage for several minutes before two police officers encountered him at an intersection and returned fire, killing him. Police said that aside from the shootings in his neighborhood, Neal’s targets appeared to be random.

A protective order did nothing to stop Neal from killing. California's draconian gun-control policies did nothing but disarm people that might've had a chance to stop Neal's killing spree. Instead, all his victims could do were cower as he raised his illegally manufactured weapons upon them.

Still, the leftist mindset is a hard one to break, as the sister of the killer calls for even more gun control.

From Daily News:

“He would get wound up and I think she spent a lot of time calming him down,” Neal’s older sister, Sheridan Orr, told the Daily News. “He would be irrational, irate and uncontrollable, and scream and yell. It was difficult to manage him. I don’t know how she put up with it.”

The phone calls took a toll on their mother, Anne, who always listened, often helplessly. She was hopeful her son could find the help he desperately needed.


Orr and her mother pored over news reports of the shootings Tuesday and came to grips with the nightmare Neal may have caused. Nearly a dozen injuries and deaths of four innocent people at the hands of her brother has given Orr a new calling.

“If he couldn’t get the health care he needed, he had zero business with guns,” Orr said.

Orr called for better mental care and tougher gun restrictions to prevent another shooting like the one her brother was accused of unleashing hours earlier.

She was still reeling from the mass shooting that struck the deeply religious community of Sutherland Springs nine days before, and angered at Devin Kelley’s ease of obtaining the high-powered rifle he used to slaughter 26 churchgoers.

“He did not need to have a gun,” she said of the discharged airman’s history of mental health problems.

No, indeed, Kevin Neal did not need to have a gun. The solution is not to take them away from everybody else. That's the sort of thing that leads people who would otherwise intervene to offer themselves up as sacrificial lambs while everybody else cowers in fear.

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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