How Liberal Policies Destroy Cities and Undermine Public Safety

How Liberal Policies Destroy Cities and Undermine Public Safety

As the nation continues to reel over the acquittal of illegal alien Jose Zarate's acquittal in the murder of Kate Steinle, many are finally beginning to realize how liberal policies are utterly incompatible with attempts at public safety.

Although we've previously described the effects leftist political leaders have had on San Francisco's police officers and their ability to neutralize the criminal element, another perfect example emerges in Portland, even more outlandish than the last.

From Williamette Week:

In May of this year, Ashley White set a record.

The homeless woman was busted after crashing a stolen 2007 Chevrolet Colorado just outside Northeast Portland.

The pickup was allegedly the ninth stolen vehicle White had been caught driving in the previous seven months. Police records show that makes her the most prolific car thief in Portland.

The amount of time the 23-year-old redhead had served for all of those arrests?


FBI statistics show crime is stable or down in Portland in almost all major categories: murder, assault, burglary and robbery. The one exception? Auto thefts, which rose by about 50 percent in the past three years.

Nearly 6,000 cars have been stolen this year in the city. By October of this year, the number of auto thefts had already outpaced all of 2016.

”I haven’t seen a change in crime levels for a specific crime that much as far as I can ever remember,” says Dr. Kris Henning, a professor of criminal justice at Portland State University. “It’s pretty dramatic.”

Portland now ranks third among the nation’s major cities for car thefts per capita, outpaced only by Detroit and Baltimore (see graph below).

Cars go missing from every neighborhood in Portland. They are stolen when people leave them warming up in the driveway or leave the keys inside when they grab a coffee at the gas station. Older Hondas and Subarus are particularly attractive: They’re easy to hotwire.

Police say the rise in car thefts is partly a symptom of Portland’s ongoing epidemic of intravenous drug use, which afflicts people for whom a warm, dry place is increasingly difficult to find.

Yes, a lot of cars appear to be stolen to provide temporary shelter. But prosecutors, cops and even defense lawyers say there is something else at work as well—a 2014 Oregon Court of Appeals ruling that, according to law enforcement, has made prosecuting car thieves more difficult in Portland than in most other places in the nation.

”A lot of clients know the right things to say or not say to avoid conviction,” says Kami White, who supervises the minor felonies unit at Metropolitan Public Defenders.

The revolving door for accused car thieves has frustrated police, flummoxed prosecutors and infuriated residents. It summons the helplessness and fury many Portlanders feel in a city with a booming economy but highly visible symptoms of addiction and poverty.

Yet the legal part of it has a simple fix: State lawmakers could close the loophole created by the appeals court. They’ve refused.

But of course they refuse. To create effective policies that solve problems would mean political suicide for these corrupt lawmakers. No, they need crime, chaos and destruction to reign, lest citizens vote logically rather than through fear.

How many more must suffer or die under the banner of progressivism?

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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