DEPLORABLE: UC Berkeley Moves to Block Ben Shapiro From Speaking On Campus

DEPLORABLE: UC Berkeley Moves to Block Ben Shapiro From Speaking On Campus

Question: What do Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro all have in common?

Answer: All three have been targeted by UC Berkeley's leftist free-speech-suppressing administration, Shapiro being the most recent. From the Daily Caller:

On Wednesday, UC Berkeley’s dean of students, Joseph Greenwell, and a student organization coordinator Millicent Morris Chaney informed Berkeley College Republicans that they are “unable to identify an available campus venue,” according to a press release from Young America’s Foundation, a national conservative group.
— Eric Owens, reporting for the Daily Caller

Before we get into the story of the day, let's analyze the actions UC Berkeley admins have taken against the Berkeley College Republicans.

The BCR is the student organization responsible for booking Ben Shapiro for the college event. What could have gone so wrong that UC Berkeley would be unable to "identify an available campus venue"? Here we go:

Did the booking give too little notice?

No. In fact, Shapiro's speech is scheduled for September 14, almost two months from today.

Is there no space available for Shapiro's event?

No. The event was scheduled on a Thursday, on a 1,232-acre, 27,496-student campus.

Are you absolutely sure?

We're sure. A look at UC Berkeley's event calendar shows only five low-profile events taking place that day, and will be paid for by the BCR, not the school.

Ah ha! There are other events, so that must mean there isn't space or resources for Ben!

Sure, but they're all less than two hours in duration. Of the five events, only two events take place in lecture halls. It's hard to imagine that UC Berkeley's resources would be strained to keep attendants happy during a talk on "Bankruptcy Spillovers."

The Daily Caller gives us the real reason for banning Shapiro's event:

The problem, the administrators explain in a letter, is that events — at least events featuring conservative speakers — must be “held at a time and location that allow for the provision of any required security measures.” Also, campus police “might rule out certain hours for the event” (which likely means any time in the evening, when more people could attend).

Security measures? You mean like telling UC Berkeley Police to stand down during a violent riot?

This is the reality we live in now. A reality where violent protesters dictate who can and cannot speak freely, backed by corrupt administrators, where tax-payer funded police are forced to stand by while tax-payer funded property is destroyed by fascist thugs.

There is still hope, however. In a live broadcast earlier today, Shapiro declared:

...I am hopeful that Berkeley will work it out, I am hopeful that Berkeley will hear the hue and cry that has risen from the masses, and that they will back down off of this, that they will not allow themselves to be intimidated by the Anti-fa people.

But there are measures available in case Berkeley does not do what Berkeley is supposed to do.

And if they want to read that as a legal threat, they certainly should, because there will be legal action if they do not do what they are necessitated to do under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution...
— Ben Shapiro, 07/20/2017

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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