The Media's Hypocritical Reaction to Justine Damond's Death

The Media's Hypocritical Reaction to Justine Damond's Death

On July 15, Justine Damond called 9-1-1 from her Minneapolis home, concerned that someone was being raped in a nearby alley. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension report describes what happened next.

Minneapolis Police Officers Matthew Harrity and Mohamed Noor were dispatched to the scene. Noor was riding in the passenger seat while Harrity drove.

Upon arrival, Harrity and Noor began scanning the area for suspects. During the search, Harrity was startled by a loud sound near the patrol vehicle. Shortly thereafter, Damond went out to speak to the officers, still clad in her pajamas.

As Damond approached the patrol vehicle on the driver's side, Noor drew his service weapon, aimed across Harrity and opened fire through the window, striking Damond in the abdomen.

Damond would later die from her wounds. No weapons were recovered from the scene.

Noor is a Somali-American, while Damond was white, originally from Australia.

When Noor was first hired in 2015, leftist Mayor Betsy Hodges capitalized on his ethnic identity in a Facebook post as the agency's first Somalian officer. In the post, Hodges described Noor's arrival at the Fifth Precinct as "highly celebrated" and declared it "A wonderful sign of building trust and community policing at work."

Unfortunately, when the left panders to minority groups by implementing hiring practices based on racial identity rather than merit, the public gets under-qualified candidates like Noor.

Justine Damond paid the price for Noor's incompetence, all in the name of identity politics.

The leftist media's reaction to Damond's death has largely been a horrid slew of hypocrisy. The Daily Caller points out:

It’s quite odd to see since there is never a concern from the media that the white community may receive grief any time a Caucasian officer shoots someone over contended circumstances.

But here we are seeing multiple outlets run with this narrative of blowback fears. The Washington Post published an article on Tuesday with the headline, “After Minneapolis officer in police shooting is named, Somali community braces for backlash.” The article begins with statements that America is experiencing unprecedented levels of Islamophobia, as well as “racial tension stoked in part by shootings of black people by white police officers.”
— Scott Greer, reporting for the Daily Caller

Indeed, in the wake of an innocent woman's death, the left is more concerned with the reaction of the shooter's ethnic group than anything else.

Fake-black-guy-leftist-extraordinaire Shaun King's response to Damond's death was especially despicable. In an article for the New York Daily News, King wrote:

I think a lot of well-meaning white people have looked at the most well-known cases of police brutality, and have seen a black problem that is simply unlikely to visit them like it is now visiting the family of Justine Damond.

Maybe, just maybe, with the shooting death of Justine Damond, millions of white people, for the very first time, will now see a victim of police brutality, and see themselves.
— Shaun King, 07/17/2017

That's right, evil white people. You won't understand the pain black people go through until more of you die.

Rest in peace, Justine. Our hearts go out to you and your family.

As for the rest of you: Stay alert. Stay alive.

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