$25,000 in Donations Raised for Fugitive Texan that Lied to and Evaded Houston Police

$25,000 in Donations Raised for Fugitive Texan that Lied to and Evaded Houston Police

Texas has become a place where a wanted fugitive can lie to a police officer to avoid it, run away while being detained and barricade himself inside a house, then blame the police for injuries he sustained while being arrested.

In Marlin Gipson's case, he'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Not only were charges against Gipson dropped (under pressure from his leftist attorney), he has raised over $25,000 for himself with help from the leftist news media outlets that obfuscated the real story with headlines like:

Of the many news outlets covering the story, they all lack one important element— context.

Here are the facts.

Fact #1: Marlin Gipson was not innocent and he knew it.

In order to be guilty of a crime, you must intentionally commit an illegal act.

Gipson knew that he had an active warrant for his arrest from an assault dating back two years ago for an "assault threat to cause injury." He knowingly and intentionally concealed this information by lying to a Houston Police Constable about his identity.

In a cellphone video taken by Gipson, he clearly states his name is "Marvin Gibson" and provides his age as 19 with a birth date of "10-12-1999" (which would actually make him 17 if he were telling the truth).

The officer repeats the given information back for confirmation and Gipson responds with an affirmative 'yes,' thus making him guilty of False Report to Peace Officer, a Class B Misdemeanor under Texas Penal Code, Section 37.08.

Leftist news coverage of the encounter largely ignored this fact or edited it out altogether. Here is the full raw footage:

Fact #2: Marlin Gipson's detention was 100% legally justified.

Gipson's claims that the Houston peace officer "racial profiled" him or told him he "matched the description" are completely false, the latter being obvious from the footage he took (he was never told those words at any point).

According to reports, Gipson and his brothers had been going from door-to-door distributing business cards for lawn care services. It's not uncommon for criminals to case a neighborhood under the guise of soliciting business.

Due to a recent rash of burglaries in the area, the police constable's observation of Gipson's behavior was enough to develop reasonable suspicion and make contact. Although Gipson's lawyer later claimed there had been no burglaries in the area, a quick search of local crime statistics revealed 2,000 instances of burglary in Harris County within the last 30 days.

After Gipson lied about his name and age (see Fact #1) and confirmed it, the officer was able to transition from reasonable suspicion to a detention at that time.

Fact #3: The encounter and resulting use-of-force was escalated solely by Marlin Gipson's actions.

Officer safety is a concern during every encounter. The constable was by outnumbered 3-to-1 by Gipson and his brothers, so he begins to control the scene.

The officer requests additional units on his radio and asks Gipson to turn around and place his hands behind his back so he can be handcuffed for the time being. During a lawful detention, persons can be cuffed for the officer's safety. In this case there are several reasons Gipson needed to be restrained:

  • The officer knows nothing about Gipson other than he has lied about his age and possibly his name. There's no way for him to know why and he certainly doesn't want to find out the hard way. For all he knew, Gipson could've had an open murder warrant.
  • Neither Gipson nor his two brothers have been searched yet. Any one of them could have weapons concealed on their person. As Gipson has proven himself the most suspicious, he now poses the biggest risk.
  • The officer is not a mind-reader. He has no idea what is going on in Gipson's head or what his history is. Does he have a history of carrying concealed weapons? 'Danger potential' indicators on file? All the officer knows is Gipson is behaving in a non-compliant and hostile manner.

At this point, instead of complying with the officer's lawful order, Gipson jumps back and says "no" to him, which then made him guilty of Evading Arrest or Detention, a Class A misdemeanor under Texas Penal Code, Section 38.04.

Fact #4: Marlin Gipson's injuries were unavoidable.

Contrary to popular belief, police officers do not want to injure anyone, nor do they enjoy it. It results in mountains of paperwork, close public scrutiny of the officer and makes the job harder.

All law enforcement personnel have the same goal: to make it home safely at the end of the day. If a suspect creates a dangerous situation with lots of unknowns, chances will not be taken and resources will be used to safely effect the arrest.

In this case, Gipson willfully evades the police constable and returns to his mother's house. To the uninitiated, this seems harmless.

In reality, it made the entire situation a thousand times more dangerous, because instead of making an arrest on the street, police now have to deal with a barricaded suspect. What's the house's layout? Does the suspect have access to weapons? Hostages? Is he on his cellphone calling for his own "back up"?

The officer follows Gipson, but notice he doesn't enter the residence without help (for the reasons listed above). Instead, he stands outside and attempts to negotiate a peaceful outcome with Gipson.

At this point, Gipson could've given up and complied and that would've been the end of it. Instead, he threatens and taunts the officer, saying "I'm gonna give you ten seconds to leave," and calling him "bald-head Mr. Clean."

Gipson seals his fate with this line: "I'm about to close and lock the door, ya'll come through the house, you'll be sorry."

Fact #5: They came through the house. Gipson still resisted.

Police made entry into the house, breaking down at least one door. Gipson barricaded himself inside a closet and refused to come out. A K9 unit was deployed to extricate him, resulting in dog-bite injuries to Gipson's upper-right arm. A Taser may have been deployed during the arrest, but is unconfirmed at this time.

Gipson's 2015 assault warrant was served after he was arrested. Further investigation revealed two pending cases in Washington County for resisting arrest and giving false information from April 2017.

There is no safety in a world where race-baiting criminals like Marlin Gipson can swindle an entire populace with his lies and profit handsomely from it.

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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