Four Leftists Hilariously Share What They've Learned About Politics (SPOILER ALERT: Nothing.)

Four Leftists Hilariously Share What They've Learned About Politics (SPOILER ALERT: Nothing.)

The left thrives on a steady stream of praise for their insane ideologies. Since facts are incompatible with their world views, it's better for them to not have to address them at all. Instead, they make wild sweeping assessments and hope that no one will question their views. Of course, anyone that does is instantly labelled a racist/sexist/bigot/xenophobe, all with zero evidence.

Earlier today, a hilarious piece emerged from far-left news organization Vice, a multimedia empire known for its soft propaganda. The article centers on four nutjobs and is titled "Four Leftists of Color Share What They've Learned About Politics," because being "of color" naturally makes your opinions matter more (so long as you agree with pre-approved leftist viewpoints).

The author conducts four interviews, asking participants about their 'work' and what it's supposedly taught them in order "to explore the intersections of race, gender, and the left."

While there are a lot of laugh (and cringe) worthy moments, we've selected our favorites here:

Mariame Kaba

Vice's Bio: Mariame Kaba is a New York City-based organizer and educator. Her work focuses on ending violence, dismantling the prison industrial complex, transformative justice, and supporting youth leadership development.

This is a white supremacist, racist, patriarchal, transphobic country. In that context, everything that exists in the world is seen in its center as a white, male, cisgender, straight narrative. Everything gets processed through that idea.

Right out of the gate, Kaba manages to hit almost every leftist talking point in two sentences. If this wasn't on Vice, we'd almost think it was satire, but nope, it's real. The baseless accusations are all the left has. 

It’s not surprising to me that when people talk about the left, they’re talking about white men who are straight. And I don’t see myself as someone who feels like they need to argue that in any sort of way. My energy is better spent doing organizing that [sic] I think matters.

Mmm... no, when people talk about the left, they're talking about the whiny unemployable humanoids desperate for attention:

Seems like a reasonable person.

Seems like a reasonable person.

In fact, the far left is bent on targeting "white men who are straight." If you are a straight white male, it doesn't matter what you've done or what you believe — your identity alone makes you guilty and if you don't constantly belittle yourself, you're the enemy.

But white folks have been organizing forever in this country. White men have been organizing. I don’t see this as a new wave in the least. It may be something that some people are talking about in a different way, or more.

Kaba doesn't seem to understand the double-standard she's operating in. If someone said "black folks have been organizing forever in this country," there'd be an uproar over the racial connotations. To her, the fact that it's the evil white race that's doing the organizing is proof enough to her that the country is deeply racist, never mind all the other groups that have similarly organized throughout history based on racial identity.

Bottom line, if your primary source of pride is racial identity, you're an idiot. If your only evidence of oppression is the existence of racial identity, you're an idiot.

Brandy Brooks

Vice's Bio: Brandy H. M. Brooks is a candidate for Montgomery County Council in the 2018 elections and the leadership development organizer for Progressive Maryland.

Our whole society is still oriented towards being white, male-centric. In progressive circles, we have to make sure that we are acutely aware of that tendency of the society that we live in, and that we are constantly countering it.

Again with the racist sexist political bashing! Brooks is going to have a hard time running for office with this attitude — over 60% of Montgomery County's population is white. Way to alienate your base, but don't worry, if you lose the election, it's because everyone else is racist, right?

I think the way we treat these things is that when a white man says them, they suddenly become important. All of a sudden, economic justice becomes a white, progressive narrative, as opposed to, “Hey, we’re finally catching on to something that’s been going on for decades in these communities!”

Yes, things are suddenly more important when a white man says them. This is clearly why a black President Obama was voted into office twice, why our current white President Trump is being scrutinized in ways Obama never was and why he can quote another black man and have it break records across twitter. Because of the "white, progressive narrative."

I’ll speak as an African American woman. The way that people assume my vote has incensed me for a long time. My entire voting life has been the lesser of two evils. That is not an OK argument for me anymore—mostly because it’s not getting things for our communities. African Americans go out and vote in droves for Democrats who incarcerate us. There has got to be something beyond that.

Yes, Brooks, by all means speak from the heart of your racial identity — it's not like you've got evidence or facts on your side.

While (surprisingly) Brooks unintentionally hits the nail on the head regarding the racist history of the Democratic party, she misses another point. Perhaps the reason blacks are incarcerated in higher numbers than any other race is because blacks commit the most crime. Interestingly enough, the cities with the highest murder rates all happen to be (surprise!) controlled by Democrats.

If we realized how much power we have, we would flip this table! The power that currently controls both parties is not going to turn over that power to progressives, it’s not going to turn over that power to immigrants, it’s not going to turn over that power to women of all colors and kinds, without a demand. It’s not going to yield itself up without us organizing and requiring that it listens to us.

Oh, we forgot to mention. Those Democrat controlled cities with the highest murder rates? They're run by black mayors, city councils and community leaders. So yes, it's true that blacks have power, it's just that they don't "flip" the table — instead, they give constituents space to destroy.

Jovanka Beckles

Vice's Bio: Jovanka Beckles is vice mayor of Richmond, California, and sits on the Richmond City Council.

We can no longer compromise on the ways that the criminal justice system unfairly targets people of color. We can no longer compromise around our healthcare. These are things that we have to take radical positions on if we’re going to turn around our society around to make it more equitable.

Ever true to her leftist values, Beckles carefully selects her words — people of color are targets of the criminal justice system. Healthcare is a right. The left's policies haven't worked, so the only solution is to take on even more radical positions.

Beckels is certainly one to talk — despite holding a position of power in Richmond, her city is over $26 million in debt (as of 2010, when she joined the city council) and has one of the worst crime rates in California, with an abysmal 40% homicide clearance rate. Basically, if you kill someone in Richmond, flip a coin — heads, you get away with it; tails, the criminal justice system targets you.

Look at the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement: women of color. Look at the socialist movement: It’s young people and people of color.

I’m a black woman, I’m Latin American, I’m queer, I’m a mother and grandmother. I’m proud to be one of those women of color who is part of this movement for justice.

Remember, diversity of thought is bad. However, diversity of identity is good! Congratulations Beckels, all you've done is align yourself with a group that over half of America disapproves of and demonstrated the only reason to support you is because of your identity, not your positions. Admittedly, it's probably a good idea voters don't examine your positions too closely — better to just keep them loyal to labels.

There can never be justice so long as the approach is rooted in racism. The "movement" Beckels supports can hardly be considered justice.

Zenaida Huerta

Vice's Bio: Zenaida Huerta, 19, is a healthcare activist, California Democratic Party delegate, and student at Claremont McKenna College. She was one of the youngest Democratic National Convention delegates in the nation in 2016.

The California Democratic Party is very polarized over the chair race between Eric Bauman and Kimberly Ellis, a black progressive woman. Her campaign showed me a lot of the anti-blackness in the party: White women called her damaged goods, someone that was trying to make money, an evil, divisive and hateful person.

It's always entertaining when the left eats its own. Huerta doesn't seem to realize, even as a Democratic delegate, her party has been rooted in "anti-blackness" since much earlier on. To people like Huerta, the only reason a white person would say anything bad about a black person must be anti-blackness in action — it certainly can't be that their points have any merit. Then again, we're talking about Democrats here.

Identity politics is important. It’s important to get black and brown representation in the community. But they’re weaponizing that for political gain. When [the Democratic Party] appoints millennials to parity committees, and to different leadership positions, they appoint millennials who are often white members of the establishment, and who aren’t going to challenge the status quo—as opposed to black and brown youth who are not complacent, and who are actively challenging the status quo. Because someone who’s actively challenging the status quo is going to be causing trouble for that establishment.

The Democratic Party weaponized "black and brown representation" through identity politics! Oh Huerta, if you actually cared at all about division within your party, you'd fight to eliminate identity politics. Diversity does not begin and end with a person's racial/sexual identity. Black, brown or white, do these "white members" support actual values? Then again, we're talking about Democrats here.

Of people in the Democratic establishment, I think Kamala Harris has one of the least questionable records. But I think to say that questioning her stances on issues that actively perpetuated criminalization of black and brown communities—to say that’s racist and sexist is doublespeak. We should question everyone. Challenge Bernie Sanders’s record. Challenge every Democrat’s record. The Democratic Party’s in internal battle right now, and they’re doing anything they can to silence dissent.

Yes, let's challenge every Democrat's record... but not Kamala Harris's! God forbid we uncover her history of using power of office to target ideological dissidents, paying Congresswoman Maxine Waters $63,000 for political endorsements or committing adultery to gain power.

At this rate, all conservatives have to do to defeat the left is simply nothing. Eventually, they'll implode on their own hypocrisies and internal squabbles. Perhaps then we can begin to rebuild America.

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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