Hispanic Lady's Hispanic Boyfriend Gets Arrested by "Racist" Cop... Who is Also Hispanic

Hispanic Lady's Hispanic Boyfriend Gets Arrested by "Racist" Cop... Who is Also Hispanic

In this day and age, there seems to be an inverse correlation between a person's usage of the phrase "I know my rights" and their actual knowledge of said rights.

Case in point, meet Texas resident Carolina Becerra, whose illegal immigrant boyfriend, Francisco Avila, was arrested and deported earlier this week for... well, being in the country illegally.

Becerra filmed Avila's police encounter on her cellphone, which started when the vehicle he was driving was stopped by a Refugio Police Officer for improperly displaying the front license plate.

What happens next is both entertaining or cringe-worthy. Watch as Becerra spews line after line of misinformed gold (warning, some profane language):

Here are the most hilarious things Becerra says in the video, along with why she's completely wrong:

"We just got pulled over because of our license plate not being on the front, we've always had it on the front right here... and we've never had a problem before."

If you decide to run a stop sign and cops don't catch or stop you, does that mean that it's okay to run stop signs? Just because you haven't been caught doesn't mean something is totally a-okay.

In this instance, Avila's vehicle was stopped for violating Texas Transportation Code Section 504.943 — "Operation of Vehicle Without License Plate," which states:

"a person commits an offense if the person operates ... a motor vehicle that does not display two license plates"

Throwing a plate on the dashboard isn't good enough; the officer had every right to stop the vehicle.

"We've shown him our ID's and insurance and just for no reason, he [Francisco Avila] just got pulled out of the car."

Beccera is either lying or delusional. Reports indicate that Avila was driving without a license, which should be obvious, since he's in the country illegally and can't get a driver's license. Perhaps Avila should've illegally immigrated to one of the twelve states that allows illegal aliens to get a drivers' license.

In a case like this, it's perfectly routine for a police officer to order a driver out of his/her vehicle for driving without a license, as the traffic stop has now escalated from a moving violation to a misdemeanor investigation.

"Why is he gonna get arrested? For not having a driver's license? No way he's gonna get arrested for not having a driver's license."

Nice one, Becerra. In Texas, driving without a license is a misdemeanor under Texas Transportation Section 521.025(b)(c):

(b) A peace officer may stop and detain a person operating a motor vehicle to determine if the person has a driver's license as required by this section.

(c) A person who violates this section commits an offense. An offense under this subsection is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $200

Police officers can arrest any person they observe committing a misdemeanor so... Beccera is wrong. Again.

"You have no reason to be asking those questions! We're not even close to the border!"

Maybe it's not the border's proximity to the location of the traffic stop that determines what a cop asks. Maybe it's the fact that Becerra's boyfriend is driving without a license. There are several reasons why this could be:

  • He's a U.S. citizen that never got a drivers' license.
  • He has a drivers' license but forgot to carry it that day.
  • He's had his drivers' license suspended or revoked.
  • He's an illegal immigrant that can't get a drivers' license.

The police officer rolled the dice and went with the most likely line of questioning. Given that 91% of all illegal immigrants in Texas are from Latin America, this is perfectly reasonable. Darn you, facts and statistics!

"Do you know that's racist, sir? That is very racist!"

Somehow, Beccera manages to say this with a straight face to a Hispanic police officer with a Hispanic suspect.

All jokes aside, Beccera's absolutely correct, given all her years of experience in law enforcement and the legal system — he's totally a Hispanic cop that's out targeting Hispanics based on their race. You go, girl.

"Why is this an issue? We're going to Port Aransas ... we're just trying to have a vacation, what's wrong with that?"

Why did police arrest Johnny Rider and Cassandra Bjorge? They were just throwing a party, what's wrong with that?

Doing something legal after doing something illegal doesn't get you off the hook. Avila was in the country illegally, therefore everything he does is illegal, including vacationing.

Even if Avila weren't an illegal immigrant, he still drove without a license, which is, you know, an issue.

"There's no reason to call border patrol, we're not even close to the border!"

Again with this logic? Okay, we'll bite.

There's no reason for the Secret Service to investigate this guy in Arizona for threatening President Trump! Arizona's not even close to the White House!

"This lady is trying to tell me that she's being called because my husband is here illegally and we're just trying to have a vacation."

Beccera smells an opportunity here! She begins putting out a misleading narrative, dictating what's happening (in her mind) to nobody in particular.

It's almost as if she wants the video to be edited into soundbites and played on leftist news outlets, because suddenly Avila is her "husband" and they're on their way to a vacation. She's obviously new at the false narrative thing because she catches herself and says:

"This is the first time we have gone to the beach ... is that reason why we got pulled over?"

There it is! Avoid responsibility by blaming something unrelated! Here's the formula lefties love to use to avoid reality:

Pick an arbitrary factor. Anything will do, but it helps if it's vaguely related to the issue at hand. Use that as justification to avoid accepting any reality you don't want to. Here are some examples:

"He's not guilty of multiple murders, they wanna execute him because he's black!"

"She's not a talent-less hack, he's a sexist!"

"He's not a crappy football player, they just don't wanna hire him because he's protesting!"

Going to the beach has nothing to do with why they were pulled over. In fact, Beccera knows this — she's stated multiple times that they were pulled over for not having a front license plate.

"Police has no right to ask for a people's immigration status, you know that right? That's illegal, that's unconstitutional! I know my rights!"

Where on earth does it say in the Constitution that police can't ask someone about their immigration status? If your IQ is higher than room temperature, you should already be face-palming at Beccera's insanity (and grammar).

"Are you just telling me he's gonna be sent to jail just because he's here illegally? We haven't done anything!"

Well, you haven't done anything (aside from borderline impeding a police investigation by disobeying a lawful order to stay in the vehicle). The other occupants of the vehicle haven't done anything.

No, the focus here is Avila, who has done something — enter the country illegally. If it makes you feel any better, he wasn't sent to jail for long. Just for a while. Then they deported him.

"This person just pulled us over because our license plate was not showing in the front, and lemme tell you something, it's on the damn dashboard!"

Beccera just stated the actual reason why they were stopped and admitted exactly why the reason was completely valid.

"Just because my husband looks like a f-cking Mexican, is that the reason why we got pulled over?"

Again with the race card! Those racist Hispanic cops, when will they stop targeting Hispanics?! Also, is Avila still Beccera's "husband" now that he's been deported or did he get downgraded back to boyfriend? Close acquaintances?

As soon as the person on the phone presumably tells her she's wrong, Beccera immediately asks why they were pulled over again, even though she just stated exactly why less than twenty seconds ago.

"We're not criminals, we're not doing anything, we work hard!"

Beccera may not be a criminal. The other occupants may not be criminals. Heck, all of them, Avila included, probably 'work hard.' Unfortunately, Avila is a criminal because he illegally immigrated to the U.S.

Illegally entering a country makes you a criminal.

"Police are not allowed to do that, that's only ICE, all right? I know my rights!"

The mental gymnastics Beccera exhibits requires some serious weapons-grade stupidity. When you apply her logic to other scenarios, the idiocy becomes even more apparent:

Police aren't allowed to perform CPR, that's only paramedics, all right?

Police aren't allowed to help families, that's only social services, all right?

Police aren't allowed to change flat tires, that's only AAA Roadside Assistance, all right?

Avila's presence in the country violated the law. As law enforcement officers, police are allowed to... enforce the law.

"He's not ICE... this guy is just a police officer ... no, you can't have him, he has a right to an attorney."

These may be the most consistently correct points Beccera makes in a row in over eleven minutes of rambling. Too bad none of it helps her case at all.

No, the Refugio Police Officer is not an Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agent. But he's still got the power to arrest anyone breaking the law.

Yes, he is "just" a police officer, one that stood silently by while Beccera openly insulted and belittled him (and even after arresting Avila, still gave him just a warning for driving without a license).

And yes, Avila has the right to an attorney... which doesn't really help much if he has a girlfriend that films her own incriminating evidence to put on YouTube. Any challenges a defense attorney could present to question the legality of the traffic stop would be destroyed after the footage was played in court. 

Becerra should consider herself lucky the officer didn't arrest her for impeding his investigation or for harboring an illegal immigrant.

In closing, here's some uplifting news — on September 1st, Texas Senate Bill 4 will take effect, which should make it even easier to piss off whiny Americans like Beccera. Hopefully we'll get more videos like this to deconstruct while America rebuilds itself.

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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