BEHIND ENEMY LINES: Militant Antifa Training Facility Covertly Filmed in NYC

BEHIND ENEMY LINES: Militant Antifa Training Facility Covertly Filmed in NYC

New cellphone video has just been released on YouTube by a user known only as "Codename Philip." It shows an anonymous cameraman walking by the outside of what appears to be an Antifa terrorist-training facility plastered with propaganda posters before going in to take some covert footage.

The clip is both unsettling and hilarious (some profane language):

Here's a breakdown of the video, along with some observations and information we uncovered:

The Facility

On the outside, all we see is a commercial space adorned with boxed planters. It's relatively unassuming except for all the propaganda posters pasted on the windows. The messages are all equally (hilariously) insane and include things like:

  • NO ES SU BUSHWICK, DESALOJES A LOS RICOS (Translation: "Not Your Bushwick, Evict The Rich")

Clearly, the people working inside yearn for a country where nobody makes any profit, police don't have any means of protecting themselves (nor do they exist), everyone lives rent-free and nobody ever goes to prison. So... you know, totally reasonable folks.

We did some Internet-sleuthing based on the footage and found The Base, an "anarchist political center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, committed to the dissemination of revolutionary left and anarchist ideas," according to their official website.

The Base is located at 1320 Myrtle Avenue in New York. We were able to verify this information via Google Street Maps:

Google Street View, November 2016

Google Street View, November 2016

Although the facility looks slightly different in the year-old image, the large black window lettering and posters appear to match those seen in the footage.

The Organization

According to The Base's mission statement, rent for the location is paid by "volunteers" that have run projects out of it since as early as 2011, when the Occupy Wall Street movement was in full swing. In 2014, The Base hosted a party, ironically called the "Rent is Theft" event, just one of their many hilariously misguided attempts to address their self-created social issues.

It appears that a large number of fascist far-left groups operate out of and/or are affiliated with The Base. Although primarily anarchist in origin, The Base has kept up with the times, aligning themselves with international extremist groups like:

Being anti-capitalists somehow doesn't create a cognitive dissonance in these idiots — they offer merchandise for sale in their online store, where budding rebels can pick up anarchist-approved books, flags and their very own Trump-getting-bashed-with-a-hammer shirt:

Hey, Secret Service, feel free to use this as evidence.

Hey, Secret Service, feel free to use this as evidence.

The Operation

A review of The Base's online event page revealed that on August 17 (the date the video was posted), there was a free "Fight Training" class open to the public. According to the event information, the third Thursday of each month is focused on training "Women, Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Folks."

Presumably, our anonymous cameraman strolled in pretending to be just another recruit looking to get trained to, like, totally bash the fash, man. At one point in the video, he quips "I've infiltrated the meeting. It's f-cking weird in here, dog. But it's for the memes."

The interior of The Base is surprisingly cramped, its floor covered with training mats. Couches line the walls and curtains are pulled completely over the windows. A single overhead lamp dimly illuminates an IRPGF flag and a full bookcase. In the corner adjacent from the entrance, a punching bag hangs next to rows of stacked folding chairs.

On this particular evening, one of the organizers can be heard saying their "usual jiu-jitsu instructor" isn't present. Even if he or she were, it's hard to believe these are the people that want to destroy the very fabric of our civilization.

The Recruits

It's hard to believe these are the same people that are causing so much destruction in America. Once inside The Base, our cameraman pans around the room as 15-20 young adults silently parade around in a cult-like ritual, taking turns clumsily somersaulting over the mats. The silence is deafening, punctuated only by occasional sniffs, self-conscious chuckles and whispered comments.

As the cameraman moves further into the room, one of the trainees passes by him, a young Asian man with his hair drawn up into a man-bun. The young man gives a quick wave at the cameraman and greets him before focusing back on his feet.

Towards the end of the shaky footage, the already-lackluster 'training' has all but died down, although it's not clear how much time has passed. Nearly all of the recruits now sit listlessly on the couches and floor, playing with their phones (aka products of capitalism).

The only training appears to be taking place by the far wall, where one instructor says he knows what he's doing, then demonstrates a take-down technique, advising students to execute the move "quickly and explosively." Another instructor can be seen nearby taking hold of his trainee's wrist, clumsily moving it toward his own face, then dodging it by leaning back like Neo from the Matrix. He narrowly misses his own face.


The Base is a largely hypocritical organization that pays rent, relies on police (to avoid being robbed in Brooklyn) and exists in a country that protects their right to demonize their country.

Regardless of how lackluster their efforts appear, we must remember that these are people that wish to destroy civilization, even with the best of intentions. The people at the helm are dangerously determined and they maintain control through violence — if you disagree with their views, you are to be destroyed. Their allies are terrorists, both foreign and domestic.

Remember, this is the enemy. They are funded, organized, and their recruits are training.

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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