An Ex-Cop's Proposal for "Civilian Led Policing" is Making the Rounds. Here's Why It's Stupid.

An Ex-Cop's Proposal for "Civilian Led Policing" is Making the Rounds. Here's Why It's Stupid.

The left loves cherry-picking evidence to use as proof their points aren't completely asinine. Their trick is to focus on a small percentage of cases (that support whatever policy they're pushing) to make it seem like it helps the majority when in reality it doesn't.

For instance, when defending illegal immigration, leftists like to ignore all the cases of violent gang members being deported and focus on the "innocent" men, women and children that supposedly have done nothing wrong (except enter the country illegally).

Another example of this phenomenon is when the left calls for gun control. Leftists will point to mass shootings as evidence of its need (ignoring the fact that the measures would've done nothing to stop them) and ignore the fact that the states with the most gun control have the highest rates of gun-related crime.

So naturally, when retired-Baltimore Police Officer Michael A. Wood Jr. started supporting the racist Black Lives Matter movement and denouncing law enforcement as a corrupt, brutal entity, the left couldn't get enough of him.

From a 2015 Newsweek piece:

On June 24, Michael A. Wood Jr. was working on his yard with his wife when he just had it with the cops.

Wood isn’t a criminal, and he’s not one of those right wing survivalists who equates law enforcement with tyranny: In fact, the 35-year-old is a retired Baltimore Police Department sergeant. Wood says he saw extensive wrongdoing during his 11 years on the force, and he alleges the BPD abide by a “blue wall of silence.” That is, BPD members won’t come forward to report wrongdoing or testify against one another. They’ll back each other up no matter what, says Wood.

“As long as we protect our own, who cares about what’s right,” Wood says of this mentality.

Wood openly admits to witnessing widespread misconduct, but did nothing while in a supervisory capacity? If these allegations are true, there are plenty of options for recourse. Investigations don't hinge solely on testimony. This is something a person with over a decade of policing experience should know.

Wood adopts a "holier-than-thou" attitude when he points out BPD members won't report wrongdoing when he supposedly did the same thing for eleven years.

The article continues:

Wood says police reform is taking place. Promises, however, have fallen short. And the pace has been too slow. He believes, however, that reformers will win out in the long run. How they accomplish their goal, however, might not sit well with some.

“I’m not very optimistic about the police and politicians coming into this willfully,” he says, explaining: “The facts are on our side—we’re going to win this. Ultimately this is the right side of history. So whether this movement is violent or nonviolent is entirely up to the law enforcement community, because they’re the ones escalating this.

“We need to remember that our job in law enforcement is to de-escalate.”

So will this civil unrest get worse?

“I dont see any reason why it wouldn’t. People say, ‘Why riot?’ I’m on the side that says, ‘What else are you supposed to do?’”

He continues: “There’s always violence involved in revolution, and this is a revolution—and it doesn’t have to be violent. The people who are resisting are the problem.”

Without unrest such as riots, he says, recent police reforms wouldn’t have taken place.

“There’s been a dramatic change in the last year. Without these events, you’re telling me things wouldn’t have changed?” he says. “Come on!”

Wood advocates violent rioting as a legitimate agent for change. He claims the facts are on his side and provides nothing more than anecdotal statements (if they're even true). His dangerous sentiments will endanger countless law enforcement professionals nationwide.

Nevertheless, Wood is taking it one step further with his new initiative: Civilian Led Policing.

Launched around May of this year, the site describes a supposedly "ideal" model that would replace all current forms of law enforcement, tailored to areas in which it's adopted. Civilian commissions would be awarded by lottery after candidates meet certain prerequisites, such as age, length of local residency and passing a critical thinking course. It makes no mention of criminal, fitness or psychological disqualifiers.

Presumably, this would mean that state and national policing standards would be completely ignored to implement a system in which civilians that meet lenient requirements would be commissioned completely at random.

The "commissioned" civilians would be overseen by yet another group of civilians (likely with zero law enforcement experience) which would have the power to "decide everything the agency does." So basically, mob rule.

The civilian board would hold power over the "Police Operations Chief," the only position that requires "someone with the proper background." Of course, this position would be meaningless as the role merely requires the dedicated patsy to carry out the demands of the civilian board (and apparently accept blame if something goes wrong).

Perhaps the most egregious section of the model points out the "stakeholders" of the system, which would include "Repeat Offenders," "Former [sic] Incarcerated" and "Nutritionists" for some reason. What?

Ironically enough, elements from the "Civilian Led Policing" initiative have already been attempted in leftist-controlled cities like San Francisco. Despite using Chief of SFPD Greg Suhr as a scapegoat, sympathizing with criminals and weakening effective public safety efforts by handing oversight power to civilians, San Francisco's crime rates are worse than ever.

Hopefully, this whole affair is just a cash-grabbing donation scheme for Wood. The ramifications of a system in which utterly unqualified individuals are given the ability to make law enforcement decisions is terrifying.

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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