OUTRAGEOUS: Leftist Professor Calls Criminal Justice Students "Future Dead Cops"

OUTRAGEOUS: Leftist Professor Calls Criminal Justice Students "Future Dead Cops"

Even as the violent fascist left dismantles our American justice system, young college students are determined to become the next generation of police officers and law enforcement officials.

At the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, pupils learn about the intricacies of the law and modern policing, with many hoping to someday join the ranks of police departments across the nation.

However, the extent to which the left has penetrated the educational system is terrifying. Late last month, radical leftist adjunct-professor Michael Issacson proclaimed on twitter that it's "a privilege to teach future dead cops."

New York police officials expressed their outrage over Isaacson's anti-cop sentiments. His tweets hit a particularly sore spot given the increasing trend of violence against police nationwide.

From Fox News:

“Michael Issacson harbors total disdain for the active and future police officers that he teachers at John Jay College,” Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association said in a press release on Friday. “Recent media reports have revealed Mr. Issacson’s disgusting anti-police attitudes and his gleeful embrace of political violence, including violence against police officers, as expressed in his own social media postings.”

Detectives’ Endowment Association Michael Palladino said, “I don’t know the professor but based on his tweet he strikes me as a man of ignorance and arrogance with hate in his heart,” the New York Daily News reported.

And Roy Richter, president of the NYPD Captains Endowment Association said, “This message is an abdication of the professor’s responsibility as a civilized human being and disgusting coming from a representative of the teaching profession,” according to reports.

Although Isaacson has been placed on administrative leave, it looks as though his hateful sentiment may have cost him his position permanently — as of this writing, his John Jay faculty page is no longer accessible.

Still, Isaacson is disgustingly unfazed. When asked about his rants, he simply said:

“Oh, that sh*t? Everybody dies.”
— Michael Isaacson

Isaacson unabashedly goes on to say he was merely “talking about police as an agent of control that is actually in less control of the public than it’s supposed to be." He then immediately contradicts himself by saying:

"I don’t have a problem with individual police officers – I mean, I teach them — but I don’t like policing as an institution. Police officers are agents of that institution.”

Either way, Isaacson's excuses are asinine and don't justify the joy he seemingly derives from knowing his students may someday die while protecting and serving their communities.

Exactly how Isaacson ever became an educator to young minds in the first place remains a bit of a mystery. As a self-proclaimed leader of domestic terror organization Antifa, Isaacson has stated that he actively discourages his students from pursuing careers in law enforcement.

“So much for free speech, I guess.”
— Michael Isaacson

No, Isaacson. It's not police officers that are destroying free speech. It's not conservatives or Republicans burning down buildings and attacking people over free speech — it's the violent fascist Antifa criminals. Cops are the ones protecting free speech while you support the ones destroying it.

In a statement released following the despicable tweets, John Jay College President Karol Mason denounced Isaacson:

I want to state clearly that I was shocked by these statements. They are abhorrent. This adjunct expressed personal views that are not consistent with our college’s well known and firm values and principles and my own personal standards and principles. I am appalled that anyone associated with John Jay, with our proud history of supporting law enforcement authorities, would suggest that violence against police is ever acceptable. I join with the many students, faculty, alumni and other members of our community in condemning these statements. The John Jay alumni who work in law enforcement, and the students who aspire to careers in law enforcement, represent our best. They secure the safety of our families and communities and deserve our respect.
— Karol V. Mason

As shocking as Isaacson's views may be, it's important to realize that he's only one of many radical leftists that have successfully penetrated the world of academia to poison America's future generations. How many more police officers must die to please these savages?

Stay alert. Stay alive.

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