UC Berkeley Allows Police to Actually Protect Free Speech. The Difference is Clear.

UC Berkeley Allows Police to Actually Protect Free Speech. The Difference is Clear.

Last night, prominent conservative speaker Ben Shapiro gave yet another rousing talk at UC Berkeley, despite multiple false starts and previous attempts from leftist administrators to shut down the event.

This time, the focus is less about what Shapiro had to say and more about the protection of free speech. We're happy to report that the event was a smash success thanks to a police force unencumbered by stand-down orders and ridiculous restrictions in the name of political correctness.

In the light of previous attempts by Antifa cowards to shut down other speakers on campus using violent tactics, UC Berkeley pulled out all the stops this time.

Concrete barriers were erected, buildings were cordoned off and hundreds of police officers established a secure perimeter. Stand-down orders were not given this time — in fact, a 20-year-old ban on the use of pepper spray against violent protesters was lifted. Police Chief Andrew Greenwood promised “very strong, rapid arrests” if any demonstrators come carrying weapons or donning masks.

Local businesses shuttered early in preparation for violent leftist crowds. Bank of America even brought in contractors to board up ATMs:

The difference was clear. Police officers monitored the hundreds of protesters that turned out to decry Shapiro as a violent racist alt-right white supremacist (with zero evidence of course). Anyone covering their face was confronted and either removed or unmasked.

Confronted by an unencumbered police force and with no masks to hide behind, leftist Antifa thugs couldn't attack without fear of repercussion. The entire evening remained largely peaceful because of this.

Without stand-down orders in place, the police were able to do their jobs, mingling among the crowd and shutting down violence at the first sign of trouble. At one point, a woman mocks one of the leftist snowflakes in the crowd. He reacts like a toddler, shoving her without realizing a nearby police sergeant had been watching him carefully. It doesn't go well for him:

Of course, leftist media sources are claiming that the woman merely had a 'medical emergency' and that 'Antifa was a no-show.' They were there, all right — they just weren't masked or in uniform.

All told, nine people were arrested by police that night, every single one a leftist radical. Charges included:

The face of the "tolerant" and "peaceful" left.

The face of the "tolerant" and "peaceful" left.

  • Hannah Benjamin, 20, of Fremont, on suspicion of battery on an officer and carrying a banned weapon.
  • Sarah Roark, 44, of San Francisco, suspicion of carrying a banned weapon.
  • Kerem Celik, 18, of Saratoga, suspicion of disturbing the peace near Bancroft Way and Telegraph Ave.
  • Eddy Robinson, 44, of Oakland, was arrested near Dana Street and Durant Avenue on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon.
  • Michael Paul Sullivan, 29, of Hayward, was arrested near Bancroft Way and Telegraph Ave on suspicion of carrying a banned weapon.
  • Others arrested include Noe Gonzalez Gudino, 24, of Richmond; Miguel Reyes, 21, of Colton; Jorge Cabanillas, 20, of Rialto; and Darin Bauer, 45, of Berkeley.

The left clearly came out armed and ready to do violence against Shapiro's supporters. In a previous broadcast of the Ben Shapiro Show, Shapiro called for peace among those planning to attend his event and to allow the police to do their jobs. Indeed they did.

Somehow, these savages don't see the irony in labeling Shapiro's rhetoric as 'violent':

Even Yvette Felarca, a leftist extremist notorious for her work with domestic terror organization "By Any Means Necessary" (BAMN), couldn't hide behind her usual bubble of masked savages. At one point, conservative speaker Lauren Southern was shoved by one of Felarca's cronies (note that the video title is misleading):

Had the crowd around Southern been allowed to conceal their identities and carry weapons, there's little doubt she and other conservative supporters would've been seriously hurt. Berkeley police did an excellent job being proactive throughout the entire day. 

Of course, the icing on the cake was Shapiro's actual speech. During the 2-hour event, Shapiro denounced white supremacy, racism and the alt-right. He espoused the virtues of personal responsibility and independent thinking. Leftists were of course, unhappy:

At times the rally erupted in a few shouting matches, but no major violence.

Xochitl Johnson, 42, of Oakland, one of the Refuse Fascism organizers, said Shapiro and other speakers make students rethink their beliefs — and “tamp down” their activism.

“People come out of his speeches and they think he made sense,” Johnson said. “They’re wrapping themselves in the veil of free speech to bludgeon these young people on these campuses with white supremacy, xenophobia, racism and hatred.”

Goodness, we wouldn't want students to rethink their beliefs, let alone think for themselves! Chalk up another victory for free speech.

Check out Shapiro's full talk below:

Stay alert. Stay alive.

Correction: Berkeley Police has released new information regarding a woman that was allegedly pushed to the ground. We have corrected the article has been edited to reflect the change.

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